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Seun Kuti talks about the Power of Music on Accelerate TV’s “The Whole Truth”

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Seun Kuti joins Tunde, Oscar and Ikechukwu on the final episode of Season 2 of Accelerate TV’s “The Whole Truth”.

Seun opens up about his journey and the experiences that helped him become who he is today. During the show, he revealed that growing up, his plan was to play football in the United Kingdom. However he changed his path to music when he received an advise from his uncle about longevity of players in football.

Speaking on his upbringing, he said:

 I lived in the shrine for 24 years of my life and those were the precious memories as a kid, everything was larger than life and exciting. Growing up in that community prepared me for the world because from a young age I was navigating adult life. The music was the fuel that drove this movement and energy of Kalakuta republic but there was a whole lot more of that such as the community, culture, activism, revolutionary education it all added to my experience.

Speaking on his music, he said:

The most important thing I can use my talent for is to empower my people. There is a strong relationship between man and music, cause when you have a favorite song, you listen to it on repeat and you let the words sieve into your subconscious. That is why I must use my voice for my people.

Watch the episode below:

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