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New Music: The Cavemen – Anita

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The Cavemen come through with “Anita“, the latest single from their upcoming album “ROOTS“.

An exercise in the musical expression of joy, “Anita” is a burst of sunlight delivering the patented feel-good vibes that the band infuses throughout their music.

As highly skilled musicians and lovers of enjoyment, The Cavemen have been able to create extremely rich and layered songs that transport listeners to a place where worries and stress cease to exist. Starting with jaunty guitars, rattles, and drums, the stage is set for an upbeat affair as singer Benjamin approximates a near-falsetto, singing on what he needs in order to marry the woman he loves.

As the song progresses, the sonic tapestry continues to unfold with keys, horns, and backup vocalists joining the band in their reverie. A favourite of their core fans and a fixture at their live shows, “Anita” sounds like a party taking place through your speakers, beckoning you to leave your problems behind, if only for a moment.

The Cavemen’s love for highlife music and life itself remains the driving force behind their music. “Anita” is both a display of superb musicianship and an infinite bundle of joy, guaranteed to warm your heart and swing your waist. With “ROOTS” on the horizon, “Anita” is another glimpse at how The Cavemen are bringing new life and spirit into the highlife genre.

Listen to the track below:

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