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Abifarin Babatunde of Arewa Technology Hub is Our #BellaNaijaMCM this Week!

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For our #BellaNaijaMCM feature this week, we shine the spotlight on Abifarin Babatunde, a serial entrepreneur who’s committed to making life and living easier and better, from Kano, Nigeria.

Abifarin is the Director of Project Development at ArewaWifi, an area Wi-fi service offered by independent Data resell partners. Its services are designed to provide low-cost internet connections in multiple locations across Nigeria.

ArewaWifi connects people with internet data and those who need them, so at the end of the day, the owner gets a profit and the user enjoys cheap internet access.

Abifarin is also the Product Development Manager at ArewaKasuwa & Logistics, a smart online food marketplace with a farm-to-table approach that provides food supply cheaper than the market price.

He’s the Director of Arewa Technology Hub, which creates tech based solution by incubating and accelerating startups for product launch and market entry with sustainable business growth. It also runs a digital academy and provides career development trainings.

During his mandatory National Youth Service, Abifarin started a business – Kopaskonet – an estate agency that makes available a furnished apartment for corps members for the period of their service year.

ArewaKasuwa & Logistics was one of the 200 businesses selected for the inaugural Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator Program in 2020.

We celebrate Abifarin for being an inspiration in entrepreneurship and for solving everyday problems.

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