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Burna Boy talks “Twice As Tall” Album, Diddy & the Power of Unity on “The Breakfast Club”

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Burna Boy is the latest guest on The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humour.

On this episode, Burna Boy talks to the hosts about his album “Twice As Tall”, the power of black unity, African and so much more.

Here are some highlights

  • He choose Sean Diddy Combs as the executive producer for the album, because he’s someone he had always looked up to.
  • The album serves as a bridge for mankind to show that we’re all different but still very much the same.
  • He wants Africans and Africans in the diaspora to embrace their heritage. On being an advocate for black power and Pan-Africanism. He said: “It’s very important to me because I feel like most of us black people don’t understand the importance of us being together at a time like this and we tend to forget that our real power will come from the fact that the rest of the world sees this united black power. That’s the scariest thing western civilization and all that – the power of black unity. If that can be achieved, the world would be black.”
  • COVID-19 made his music production easier. He was able to brainstorm, plan and create the music all at the comfort of his home, rather than spending time on tour.
  • On featuring Naughty By Nature, Burna Boy stated that “Oh man, People might not know this, but the first song I learned how to sing word for word in my whole life – I must have been three years old at the time – was [Hip-Hop Hurray’ by Naughty By Nature]… I would be jumping on tables, singing it…”

Watch the video below: