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Emotional Diary Session, Special Dinner & Gratitude | Highlights from #BBNaija Day 63

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A Top 5 Dinner

Tonight the Top 5 Housemates were treated to a dinner fit for kings and queens, complete with food that they missed from the outside world where they could express their true feelings being here.

The Top Five Diary

The Housemates going to the finale had an impassioned diary room session. They shared the challenges they faced before they entered Biggie’s house and what makes them so happy to be in the top five of Big Brother Naija.

Vee in the Top 5

Outspoken and confident, Vee has been consistent in the House, bringing her A-game and calling out unwelcome behaviour where she sees it. She will be remembered for her genuine nature, never bending over backwards where it was not required.

Highlighting Neo in the Top 5

Cool, calm and collected, the lover man showed us all his colours, from being a genuine friend, a competitor, a lover, a fighter showing us that people do not only have one side.

Reintroducing Top 5 Nengi

The two time Head of House approached every situation with grace, humility and very few words. The silent beauty showed confidence, thoughtfulness and a lust for life through her every decision and with every interaction.

Meet Top 5 Dorathy

Undoubtedly one of the friendliest and most loved, respected and trusted Housemates of the season, Dorathy has laughed and played, cooked, engaged, stayed out of fights and refused to catch cruise. The Queen of one-liners definitely left her mark in the house.

Laycon is in the Top 5

The lyrical genius, king of advice and sports trivia champ will always be known for his humour, calm nature and showing up with all he had, no matter the outfit or the situation. No one is asking who Laycon is anymore.

How do you party?

The Housemates talk about how their partying habits have changed from their teens into their 20’s and move into their last Valentine’s day experiences.

Remembering Trikytee

While waiting for the Arena doors to open for their morning gym session, the Housemates reminisce about how Trikytee’s efforts didn’t always yield results. They then gist about Prince and chat about what they hope to do during the day ahead.