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Catch Up on Episodes 2 & 3 of Darey’s “Way Home” Docu-Series

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The “Way Home” documentary series delves into the fascinating life of multi-award-winning artist Darey, as he officially re-introduces himself to old and new fans alike by revealing the reason behind his hiatus and taking us behind the scenes of his new music as he dominates the airwaves.

We follow his journey as he embarks on various promotional activities and immerses into the world of social media through Tik Tok challenges to Triller fan videos and so much more.

On episode two of “Way Home”, we take a closer look at the man behind the music…as he takes us through his musical heritage and how he spends quality time with his children. Darey recounts how his remarkable upbringing has enriched him with deep experiences, beautiful memories and valuable life lessons which have impacted his music and his own family.

Watch episode two below:

On episode three, we are introduced to Darey’s global team and hear their thoughts about his current project. Darey also pays a visit to the ‘Leap Of Dance Academy’ in Ajangbadi, Lagos to meet a young viral sensation.

Watch episode 3 below:


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