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“SCARS….⁣ A celebration of battles won” – Ibukunoluwa Ajayi is Beautifully Celebrating Her Battle Scars



There’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than with a photoshoot celebrating what reminds of victory and every time you won a battle. The general mindset we all have is to hide every scar, cover them up, keep others from seeing them, but Ibukunoluwa Ajayi is celebrating her battle scars and inspiring those who for different reasons have scars on their body or their heart. ⁣

And she’s right. In a world dominated by ‘flawless’ Instagram shots and seemingly endless filters, it’s refreshing to hit the pause button and reflect on our raw, beautiful selves – flaws and all.

Celebrating her special day, she wrote:

It’s my birthday! And I want to take today to celebrate all those who for different reasons have SCARS on their body or their heart. ⁣
I salute your bravery in the face of challenges! A scar is a sign that something that once used to hurt is now healed. The mark is to remind you of your victory! ⁣Therefore you should boldly and proudly display your scars. They are not a sign of weakness but rather of strength!⁣
Let others see your scars and draw strength from you! Show the world how much of a WARRIOR YOU ARE! ⁣

This serves as a reminder that beauty is literally skin deep, after all.

Read her article from 2 years ago about “embracing your scars”,

Check out her photos below:

Photo Credit: theimabong

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