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5 Times Falz Perfectly Fused Activism with Music & Comedy

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Taking time out on his birthday which was on Tuesday to attend the Judicial Panel for SARS related cases shows just how passionate he is about human rights and ensuring that everyone understands and exercises their basic human rights. Folarin Falana, professionally known as Falz (The Bhad Guy) is a rapper, actor, songwriter, lawyer and an unapologetic activist.

He was one of the youths wh0 kicked off the October 2020 #EndSARS protest alongside Runtown. Since then, he has actively been at the front line of the event; ensuring that the #5for5 demands are being met. He has consistently lent his voice to the movement by protesting, speaking and creating awareness at interviews, and sharing knowledge on social media.

Another skill which Falz uses to advocate for human rights is his music. He not only serves out great music regularly, but he also uses it as a means to lend his voice to the different issues going on in the country. Several times, Falz has touched on topics that are very relatable; from issues of the government to social, religious and domestic issues. With his witty sense of humour and creative visuals, he perfectly fuses music, comedy and activism; making the truth less ‘bitter’ and even more interesting. Falz’ brilliance and his consistency in making social-conscious music is nothing short of admirable.

Let us take you through some of the times Falz amplified social issues with music:


Hypocrite“, which features Demmie Vee is taken off Falz’s 4th studio album “Moral Instruction“. The song highlights different forms of hypocrisies; from domestic to social, religious and political kinds. It highlights the disparity between people’s words and their actions/lifestyle.

In his words,

Real talk no be fight rara

Everybody get fault for inside the matter

We dey talk human right we no respect am.

The video was directed by prodigeezy.

Watch below


Talk” is also taken from Falz’s “Moral Instruction” album. Once again, in a subtle, humorous and direct way, Falz highlights majority of the issues plaguing the country.

He ends the song with:

We dey suffer
We dey smile
We dey fear to talk
My people no get job
My people no get work
These days we no know if authority dey for office
Because the yawa wey we see no be the security wey you promise
And the cup e don full, we don tire for all the rubbish
All the punishment
Na me talk am oh

This video was also directed by prodigeezy.

This Is Nigeria

This song is a cover of Childish Gambino’s hit track “This Is America“.

Falz brings it home with “This is Nigeria“, shaking major tables; from foreign travel by politicians to internet scam, the battle between the country’s strongest political parties, laziness among the youth, the issue of religious leaders living a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of their members, among others.

The track was produced by Wande Thomas, and the video was directed by Prodigeezy.

Watch below:

Child Of The World

When you hear/see the title of this song you think Falz is about to roast someone, but no he’s not. This song, with one story, shares the distress of different people in such a stirring way. It highlights the effect that rape can have on its victims and the extent to which it can alter the course of their lives.

He ends the video with this:

Rape is a wicked act that should never be condoned. The victim is never at fault.

HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. Speak up!

This video was directed by Kemi Adetiba.

Watch below:

Wehdone Sir

In “Wehdone Sir“, Falz calls out the different type of people whose stories do not add up; tackling greed, corruption, political and social issues in a very catchy, yet informative way.

This video was directed by Clarence Peters.

Watch the video below:

Which of them is your favourite?

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