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New Video: TY Bello feat. Dunsin Oyekan – Oranmo Nise Fayati (Spontaneous Song)



TY Bello has a new episode of her spontaneous worship series, and on this episode she’s performing “Oranmo Nise Fayati” featuring Dunsin Oyekan.

She wrote,

When Dunsin and I chanted these words “Oranmo nise fayati” a week ago, it was like we were speaking into the now. It’s funny, the first time I heard these words was 2 years ago from an American friend of mine @michellebenedek . She doesn’t speak Yoruba at all, yet she heard the Spirit whisper these words to her and she wanted to be sure exactly what it meant… It’s a Yoruba phrase that describes God as the Father sending out His children on a mission and supporting them with all that He is. But it will always mean this : We can dare to be bold and courageous when we know that we have God’s backing…We are never alone when we run with the heart of God. So as the nation unites to speak up against injustice and oppression, it is clear that the the giant in every Nigerian heart has come alive again. Things can never be the same. NIGERIA AWAKES…IT’S A NEW DAY…WE ARE NOT AFRAID.


Recorded by David Joshua for Ideal Concept Solutions

Keys by George Ade Alao and Josh Bowale

Performed by Dunsin Oyekan and TY Bello

Filmed by Adelodun Akinwale

Edited by Temiloluwa Films

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