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Learn how to make Yam Pottage & Pepper Sauce with Sisi Jemimah’s Recipe



Sisi Jemimah isn’t backing down on giving us amazing recipes and this time, she’s showing us how to make the famous “Asaro and ata din din”, also known as Yam Pottage and Pepper sauce.

Yam Pottage Ingredients:

1 Tuber Medium Size White/Puna Yam, washed and chopped into small chunks

1/2 Cup each Palm Oil and Vegetable Oil

2 Red Bell Pepper( Tatashe)

1 Paprika Pepper

1 Can Plum Tomatoes

1 Big Onion

3 Scotch Bonnet( Atarodo)

4 Chilli Peppers

Ground Crayfish

Chicken or Beef Seasoning

Salt to Taste

Watch the video below:

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