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Your Better Self with Akanna: Let’s Stay Anchored on Things that Never Change



No one could have thought that there would ever come a time when putting on a mask before entering a bank to make transactions would be encouraged. Even if so, no one would have expected the powerful prophets of our time not to see it coming. Certainly not.

No one could have foreseen an outbreak of riots and protests all over the world and politicians making a fool of themselves in response: conjuring hidden investigative prowess, forcing out crocodile tears, and barking endlessly with no bite in sight.

Who could have imagined privileged members of a prestigious royal family calling it quits? Oil selling at a negative price, where producers would pay buyers to come pick up barrels of it? Or the US president surviving both an impeachment and a deadly virus and having to challenge the results of an election all within one year?

That one year is 2020, and it has been a crazy one. Many changes have occurred and no one would be surprised if even more took place within the 30 days that’s left of it. Many cages have been rattled, many feathers ruffled. Many people have been rudely awakened to the fact that change is indeed the only constant thing in life. A lot of false hopes and dependencies have been exposed this year. It’ll be difficult, and perhaps foolish, to keep on depending on things that could always change.

Change is inevitable; we must embrace it in our lives. But the more that things change, the more we must depend on those things that never change. Politics and politicians change, so do economies and economists, or viruses and virologists. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. This way today and evolved tomorrow. But faith, family, friends, and finances are fundamental to life. As long as we live, these things will never change. We must have faith in God, be connected to our families, make friends, and earn some money to be well-rounded humans who can withstand the external changes a year like this one could throw our way.

These, as well as ‘freedom’, are the 5 Areas You Have to Get Right in Life while you deal with the all-white noise that occurs on the outermost diameters of your life’s eccentric circles. This year has indeed been a crazy one but my hope and prayer for us all is that as we navigate all its vicissitudes, we stay anchored on those things that never change as they keep us ever grounded.

Wishing you a more stable rest of the year, and a peaceful transition into a much better 2021!

Akanna is an avid reader, writer, Risk Analyst and a budding Social Entrepreneur. He’s passionate about personal development, and influencing others to succeed!

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