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Nigerian Lawyers Share their Experience Working in Law Firms in Nigeria



Being a lawyer is an aspiration for many young Nigerians; they can’t wait to wear their wigs and robe, defend the ‘common man’, and fight injustice in Nigeria and the world at large. But how much of these dreams actually come true?

It is no longer news that unemployment in Nigeria is on the high side and many working-class Nigerians are grossly underpaid, but there are some professionals who seem to have it worse than others. Last year, we wrote an exposé on the bitter-sweet experience of being a lawyer in Nigeria and many of the lawyers had not-so-pleasant experiences practicing law in Nigeria.

Recently, lawyers in Nigeria have shared their experience on what it is like to work in some law firms in Nigeria, and it is obvious that, up until now, nothing has changed. From being sexually harrassed to being grossly underpaid, maltreated, dehumanised, and overworked, lawyers in Nigeria are being brutalised and something needs to be done about it.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Guys 😳

Underpaid errand lawyers

E be things

You know…?

See, there’s absolutely no reason why people should be treated this way, how do we encourage younger Nigerians to study and practice law in a country where lawyers are so maltreated? How do we convince people that law is the profession of the noble and just? Acts like these that cheapen the profession should be eschewed and actions need to be taken against law firms or senior lawyers who mistreat young lawyers. The Nigerian Bar Association also needs to look into these issues urgently.

Let’s do better. Let’s be better.


Featured image: Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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