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Tomike Adeoye Surprised her Mum with a New Car!

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We love to see it.

Actress and Tv host Tomike Adeoye‘s surprised her with a new car for doing so much, yet, never asking for anything.

Tomike said she has always wanted to do this and she’s grateful to God that she finally got to tick it off her bucket list. She added that she was able to raise the money after her address verification issue was sorted out last year and her first payment from almost 2 years of vlogging came through. She couldn’t think of a better way to spend that money so she went straight to the bank to withdraw it, added her savings and got her mum the perfect gift.

Hey Family Members! Ticking this off my bucket list was one of the highlights of the year for me! I’ve always dreamed of the day I’ll buy my mum a car and I’m grateful to God it happened! Days after this surprise, she kept saying it was like a dream. ?She said it was when she held the registration and purchase documents and saw her name everywhere it began to sink in.??

Momma is one person that does so much yet NEVER asks for anything! I definitely learnt selflessness from her! When she got back into the country, we were unpacking her bags and it reminded me of how selfless she was all over again! This woman didn’t have up to 10 outfits for herself in all her boxes! It was literally filled with clothes, shoes and what not for us and her grandchild! I pray this is a tip of the iceberg of all we’ll ever do for you momma! You deserve this and sooo much more! Thank you family members for always watching and sharing my videos! After almost two years of vlogging, my address verification issue was sorted out last year and my first payment came through! It was like a dream! Couldn’t think of a better way of spending that money. Momma is one person that watches my videos one million times and never holds back any criticism. She advised me to save the money but I went straight to the bank to withdraw, added my savings and got her the perfect gift! I hope this video as well as my life stories encourage you my family members! Your dreams are valid! It might take time but with God on our side, I can beat my chest to say-it will surely happen! I pray for everyone praying for such blessings that it will manifest in Jesus mighty name. God that did mine will do even greater for you in Jesus name! Amennn! Happy new week my people! loveeeee you! ????

So thoughtful! Here are some photos and a vlog to show just how beautiful the moment was.

Watch the vlog below:

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