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Afro-Pop’s Reigning Star Joeboy is the Cover Star for SCHICK Magazine’s Latest Digital Issue

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Afro-pop singer Joeboy takes Schick Magazine through his musical journey from childhood and his ‘spread love’ advocacy in a light-hearted conversation as he covers the magazine’s latest digital issue.

“You can tell he is really comfortable with our conversation and doesn’t have the usual “superstar” persona shielding him from expressing himself, as he sometimes switches to pidgin to further explain a point, like a typical Nigerian would to a friend. Within minutes of our Skype interview, I come to realise that taking opportunities and making smart decisions might be the top reasons why we have the talent that is Joeboy.” the magazine details the conversation.

“I feel like there was a form of guidance towards music for me. I always thought music was a thing for very special people and I think life just kept nudging me in that direction.” Joeboy says about his music. adding that “In life, you always have to evolve, although music is my safe space. In the next few years, I might not be making music but I’ll be doing something related.

Joeboy also talks about how he became interested in music as far back as when he was in primary school, frequently accompanying “his friend to the studio and he regularly met with big names in the Nigerian Music Industry such as I.D. Cabasa, 9ice and Reminisce, sometimes he went to shows with them and he slowly built an interest for the craft, never with the intent to follow it as a career path but purely of interest enough to just appreciate and admire the people talented enough to create.

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