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Meet Funke Lagoke, the Stunning ‘American Idol’ Contestant and Miss Nigeria USA 2019

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Huge congratulations to Funke Lagoke who will be going through to the showstopper round of the “American Idol” season 19.

Before the good news came, one of the scariest moments to ever occur on ‘American Idol’ was televised on the show. Funke was seen fainting and collapsing just as the results of her duet performance with Ronda Felton were about to be revealed. The video has since gone viral on social media, prompting the question, Who Is Funke Lagoke? Is she feeling any better now? What is her next step?

Get to know more about her (HERE).

Funke Lagoke and Ronda Felton, known as ‘Melanated Queens,’ performed “Tell Him” by Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion. Even with all of the ups and downs that Funke and Ronda had experienced together before their duet performance, nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to experience…immediately after it.

Lionel Richie, who was one of the judges, was about to finish his criticism when she collapsed, and medical personnel rushed onto the stage to treat her. Funke was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher after being escorted out of the venue. Later, the audience was given an update, stating that Funke had been treated for dehydration and was fine. She will also be returning for the show-stopper rounds, indicating that both Ronda and she had progressed to the next level, according to the update.

#IamMoreThanMyFall,” Funke said on Instagram.

Funke was the winner of the Miss Nigeria USA pageant in 2019. She competed against 15 beauty queens and choose to use the platform to promote performance arts in schools. “I have found my purpose in teaching by giving back and being a positive influence and an advocate for our future leaders of tomorrow,” she shared. “Through all of my experiences, life challenges, victories and failures; I had to get back up again and see it through.

Watch their performance below:

Also, check out the stunning photos of Funke:

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Photo Credit: Thomas Kirk


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We’re rooting for her!

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