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BellaNaija Wedings Is On Clubhouse! Join us as We Discuss, “Who Should Pay For The Wedding?”



Hi there BellaNaija Weddings Fam!

Exciting news, guys! We’re now on Clubhouse! Yes, we’re always super glad to have more and more ways of having fun with you and here’s another. 😅 If you’re already on Clubhouse, it just means we share yet another similarity. So, like us, you love to have engaging and interesting conversations.

Now, that’s not the end of our exciting news.  As part of our #NewlyNearly package, we’re having a beautiful conversation today! The first BellaNaija Weddings Clubhouse conversation will be happening today and we’d be discussing the topic, “Who should pay Who for the wedding?’

Some say it’s the bride’s family. Others opine that it’s the groom’s family. There’s another school of thought that says it’s the couple! What do you think? Who should pay for the wedding? Join us on the clubhouse, let’s have a great discussion! You can join in here.

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