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#JusticeForHinyUmoren: Umoh Uduak Gives Emotional Account of How Ini Umoren Went Missing & Later Found Dead

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Over the weekend, a young job seeker and University of Uyo Philosophy graduate, Ini-Ubong Umoren, was reportedly raped, murdered, and buried by a prospective employer after luring her with the guise of granting her a job interview.

A close friend of Ini, Umoh Uduak, who also arrived in Lagos state from Uyo to find a job and was supposed to resume on Monday, 3rd May has shared with TVC an emotional account of how Ini-Ubong Umoren was reported missing after she announced on Twitter that she is in need for a job.

According to her friend, Ini called on Thursday to inform her about an interview she had to attend at Airport Road in Uyo but didn’t want to go because of the distance and transportation fare. Her friend then sent her 2,000 Naira for the interview and warned her to inform those around her.

During her trip, Ini kept communicating and mentioned her discomfort with the distance. Ini then sent a voice note which wasn’t clear, so her friend called immediately assuming she didn’t have enough airtime. When she called back, she heard Ini screaming before the call ended. She tried calling back severally but no one answered.

Her friend reached out to Ini’s sister who quickly went to the police station, but was told that it hadn’t been up to 24hours. Ini’s sister returned to the station the next day where she was asked to hire a van and fuel it before investigations began.

According to her, Ini put up a work posting on Twitter. She reported that a certain Ememobong had deleted his comment from under Ini’s said post, where they had discussed a job. Ememobong had updated his username before deactivating his Twitter and Facebook pages.

Investigations carried out revealed that the details were linked to one Uduak Frank Akpan.

Ini’s friend also revealed that a previous victim (Miriam) had reached out to her, and narrated how she was also invited to an interview but met a different scenario upon her arrival. Miriam was reportedly drugged and raped, after which photos of her were taken and used to blackmail her later.

Miriam sent the address where her incident occurred, it was forwarded to the police and led to the arrest of Uduak Akpan’s father, and Akpan reporting himself to the police and confessing to countlessly raping Ini and leaving her with his cousin.

It was the following morning that they confirmed Ini had been killed and her body buried.

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