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#BNWeekInReview: A Rundown Of The Top Stories You Missed This Week



It’s time to relive another series of thrilling adventures filled with love, movies, music, events, recognitions, lifestyle, good news, and more.

In the middle of the constant hustle and bustle, you might have overlooked a thing or two and wondered how to keep up with all that’s happened.

On, there’s always an exciting scoop, gorgeous birthday pictures, vlogs, an interesting piece of information, and everything else that has to do with keeping you updated! If you didn’t catch all of it, here’s a recap… That is, after all, why we came! So keep scrolling and remember to click on the title links for more information on each story.

Now, let us take you through everything that happened this first week in December 2022.

FIFA World Cup: Morocco makes history as the first African country to reach the Semi-Finals

These Nollywood Characters/TV Stars Gave Us A Lot to Talk About This Year

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