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Edie & Amy Company shares Vision to impact the Life of Nigerian Mothers



Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit at a breastfeeding event, Photo Credit: Tolu the Midwife

Edie & Amy: The Background

Edie & Amy Company was founded in 2017 by Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit as a media and production company to help mums through their childbirth, after delivery, and breastfeeding journey. She started it based on her difficulty in accessing practical advice and materials to deal with challenges as a new mum, despite her professional medical training and attending antenatal classes.

The Edie & Amy Co. website was launched just over a year ago to provide comprehensive and evidence-based information on each stage of pregnancy​,​ childbirth, postnatal care, and early childhood development for parents and expecting mothers, with a strong focus on the mother’s well-being. Since then, the website has been viewed over 455,000 times within and outside Nigeria, especially in the United States and Ghana.

The Edie & Amy Vision for Nigerian Mothers

Dr. Ijeoma, dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality, and driven by the desire to help mothers, grew the company to become a trusted source of accurate health information presented in a relatable and interesting format, reaching over 12,000 mothers monthly through this website and other social media platforms.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 20% of all global maternal deaths occur in Nigeria. The lifetime risk of a woman in Nigeria dying during the pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum period is 1 in 22, whereas in the most developed countries it is 1 in 4900.

Information is key to good health outcomes and Edie & Amy is catering to this need by supplying content to help mothers make informed health decisions and ultimately improve their living standards.

Edie & Amy Initiatives

Edie & Amy Executive Director, Dr. Njideka Sanya at the outreach to Palm Avenue Primary Healthcare Centre, Mushin

In addition, Edie & Amy executes public health initiatives in partnership with NGOs, faith-based organizations, and government agencies to provide support and mother care products in local communities.

Edie & Amy recently visited Palm Avenue Primary Health Care Centre, Mushin to teach new mums on breastfeeding and to supply free breastfeeding materials including breast pumps, breastfeeding bras, vests, nipple creams, and nursing pads.
The facilitator at the outreach was Maryam Sanuth, founder of the multiple award-winning breastfeeding platform, Breastfeeding NG.

Guest Facilitator Pharm. Maryam Sanuth demonstrating to the audience

Breastfeeding tips session

Edie and Amy Executive Director Dr. Njideka Sanya presenting a gift to a mum

Edie & Amy and Palm Avenue Primary Healthcare Centre Representatives.

Watch the highlights from the recent outreach:

The Legacy Of Dr. Ijeoma Idaresit

The Edie & Amy company is dedicated to furthering the legacy, vision, and passion of Dr. Ijeoma Ejekam Idaresit and her children Edidiong and Risachi.

You can volunteer to be part of the next outreach or donate to their work. Simply follow, and send them a DM on Instagram or Facebook. Also, subscribe to their Youtube channel.

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