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Pastor Adeboye Speaks on the Passing of His Son Dare Adeboye: “…Don’t cry, because he is resting in glory”



Pastor Adeboye took to his personal Instagram page to speak on his son, Dare‘s passing for the first time on Tuesday, thanking everyone who showed up for the service of songs, and those who sent their condolences.

“I want to thank every one of you for this massive show of love”, he started. “Not just for Dare, but also me, my wife, his widow, the children, his siblings. I’m extremely grateful. I’m only bringing you this brief message, not just to thank you but to let you know by the special grace of God we are loved by God, we are more than conquerors.”

I want you to know, that God who knows the end from the beginning, long before the foundations of the world, that what has happened is going to happen, and because his word is forever settled, he said; “All things work together for good to them that love God.”

We may not understand now, but what has happened is going to work out for our good. As individuals, as families, as a denomination. As a matter of fact, it’s going to work out for the good of the church of God as a whole, I’m talking about the body of Christ.”

He continued:

…Cry if you wish to, but don’t cry for Pastor Dare, because he is resting in glory. Cry because you are the one still fighting the battle, but then, fight courageously, because of the resurrection morning, we shall meet again.

Thank you very much for your show of love, keep on praying for me, my wife, the widow and the children…

Watch the video below:

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