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“It was the Easiest Yes of My Life”- Rumbie & Takura’s Garden Proposal + Love Story

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We should unanimously make a decision now to add church conferences to the long list of places to find your soulmate!  ? Not long ago, we featured love birds, Debbie and Mo and you can already guess the connection. Yes – they also met at a church conference. Now, thanks to another church conference, Rumbie and Takura are engaged. ?

Rumbie met Takura on a beautiful day at a church conference in Sydney, Australia where a friendly conversation ensued. This wasn’t exactly the meet-cute that we would have imagined as it seemingly yielded nothing at the time. But then, time and love happen to all men and when the two reunited, love went straight into the action. Two years after that auspicious first meet at church, Takura took the knee and asked the love of his life, to be in his life forever!  Of course, the reason why we’re here giving you this sweet tale of love is that the gorgeous Zimbabwean princess said yes!

The lovers’ picnic turned surprise proposal has us swooning with excitement and we’re absolutely loving every bit of the photos. Enjoy it all below, including Rumbie’s beautiful account of their love story.

How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Rumbie

I and Takura met back in 2019 at a church conference in Sydney, Australia. We exchanged a few words during that time but nothing came out of that. Then somehow in October 2020, we began talking again and really getting to know each other. It grew into something more but due to the pandemic, we didn’t see each other until December 2020. We fell in love and it was just smooth running from then. He proposed to me on the 7th of May and it was the easiest yes of my life.

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Bride-to-be: @rumbiee.m
Groom-to-be: @takura.don
Planner: @unforgettableproposals
Photography: @dearm320


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