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It’s a Wrap! Jemima Osunde & others React to Tomike Adeoye’s Pregnancy Announcement



We’ve seen her husband Tosin, best friend and her own reaction to finding out she’s pregnant, now, actress and TV personality Tomike Adeoye is showing us Jemima Osunde and other close friends’ reactions after they found out she’s expecting her first baby.

Hey Family members!!! Welcome back to our channel! Apologies that this episode came late. The price for long videos?I had been battling with this video since 1 am! Just glad it’s finally up!

Thank you for constantly sharing in my joy! I pray we’ll always have cause to rejoice in Jesus mighty name! I pray for every member of our family expecting such testimony from God, HE will do it in Jesus mighty name! It will be beautiful in our sight and we’ll give Him praises on your behalf! Amen! Have the best week ever my people! Loveeeee you?

We also gave you a scoop of Tomike’s pregnancy glow and you should totally check it out.

Watch the video below:

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