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Hey Nigeria! Bolt food is now Available to Cater for all your food Cravings



Exciting news! Bolt has just announced the launch of its food delivery service in Nigeria! With more consumers appreciating the value of better food delivery in Nigeria, Bolt has appreciated the opportunity to provide fast and affordable delivery services in the market. According to the company, this is a game-changer in the food delivery sector and promises to be an efficient service at very affordable costs to the consumer.

Bolt food allows customers to order their favorite foods from their most-loved restaurants, direct to their door, super-fast! With thousands of customers across the country, it was only right that Bolt added food delivery to continue making everyone happy.

In a time where social distancing is critical, home delivery has become more crucial. With some offices still closed and employees working remotely, there’s less time to cook and more time spent on your computer. However, with Bolt Food, you can in the comfort of your home or workstation open the app and order a variety of meals, delivered right to your location. It is that simple!

You can download the Bolt food app, select your favorite restaurant and choose your dish. The app would then show the estimated delivery time and total cost. After confirming these details, please sit back and wait for the tasty meal to be delivered to you by a courier. The app currently features some of the most amazing restaurants on Lagos Island and will be adding more across Lagos over time.

Like the ride-hailing service has drivers, Bolt food will have couriers who can earn an extra income by delivering food for Bolt. You can join the platform as a courier or a restaurant partner if you have a restaurant that makes the best delicacies.

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