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Thinking about a Wedding Gift for that Friend or Loved One? Here are Suggestions from Jumia



We are still waiting for the wedding of the year. Forget everything you have seen this year,  every single wedding. There is just something that tells us that the next two months will be crazy good. Eyes have not seen the aso-ebi, trains and headgears that November and December will be made of.

Before you begin asking ‘God when’ in the comment section, there is more to weddings than Instagram-worthy snatched waists and gorgeous bridal train entries. It seems everyone forgets you are actually supposed to bring a gift for the couple. They have gone into debt to bring you the wedding of your dreams, the least you can do is give them something valuable.

Here are five perfect wedding gift ideas we have curated that’ll impress any couple.

1. Honeymoon Getaway

After the stress of planning a wedding and getting ready for their new life together, it’s hard for some couples to give proper thought to their honeymoon. Although this one is on the expensive side, it is also one of the most loved gift ideas. The newlyweds need a getaway vacation to relax and spend quality time together and you provided just that. How heartwarming!


2. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are a common choice for a wedding gift but an extremely helpful one. And in 2021, say no to boring kitchen appliances. The weirder the better. Who does not want the pen that doubles as a knife and can still be used as a flashlight? Lol.

But really, if you want to stay within your budget and play it safe, you can choose from various kitchen tools. Keeping in mind that the soon to be wed couples are building a new home together, they will find a use for this gift choice.

3. Home Appliances

Anything that can make the couple’s new life easier is guaranteed a plus. Vacuum cleaners could be pricey, but appliances like irons and water dispensers are valuable as well as easy on your pockets. Also, do not underestimate the power of a washing machine. The newlyweds will love you for life, trust us!

4. Money or vouchers

You can’t go wrong with cash gifts, no matter how small. After spending as much as they did on the wedding, the cash gift will be a relief as some couples find it difficult to ask for cash gifts in place of anything else. You can take the initiative and offer a little token towards their new future together.

Or, you could get them a voucher to use for whatever they please. For instance, Jumia’s Black Friday promo has these Golden Tickets that give you ₦200,000 and a one-year Jumia Prime subscription – you never have to pay a dime for a Jumia delivery for a year.

5. Smart TV

We all know the stress that goes into planning a wedding. So what better way to ensure newlyweds spend quality time together with others than Netflix and chill? This is one gift that will definitely get you the best friend of the year award.

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