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Is Burger King the new Owambe? Its disruptive launch into the Nigerian market has got everyone talking



About two weeks ago, Burger King launched in Victoria Island, Lagos,  and it is safe to say the buzz has been mind-blowing, on-site, and on social media! Lagosians have taken to their favorite social media platforms, to do what they know how to do best – sign their names at the new spot with mouth-watering “Been there, Done that” pictures and video evidence. 

Nobody wants to carry last!

Going by all the tweets and Instagram stories above, it is clear that Nigerians are not here to play. People have created cliques, have been leaving work early, and do not mind waiting on long snaking queues  just to have a taste of “The Real Burger Experience”  by Burger King, a statement the brand uses to affirm the fact that; ‘no matter the kind of burger you think you have had, if you have not tasted Burger King then you have not had a real burger.’

With the way people have been storming the outlet daily like it is an owambe party or a Wizkid concert, and with all the videos on social media of satisfied customers sharing their juicy burgers and rubbing it in the faces of their followers, Burger King might have just acquired the right to brag different. The reviews so far have been a whopper positive from Burger king “first-timers” and even people who have had it in other countries have only 5-star things to say about the taste consistency.

For all those that are still hoping to make time to go grab a bite, here is a picture of what the menu looks like. Surprised right? It’s also very affordable. They need to hurry up and open more locations.


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