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Akilapa Precious: Content Creation – A Major Problem of Businesses



Many Nigerian businesses have one major problem: they have next to zero content online. This is probably the case with your business as well. You might be surprised just how much that is hindering your business’s success.

Take a look at the website of most businesses and brands in the country, even some of the market leaders and from the very start, you can already notice there is next to nothing on there. Yes, there’s the home page, about page, service page(s), and contact us page. Maybe there’s also the occasional press page, but that is mostly it. Anything else you find, it’s probably one of those pages that no one ever reads.

Now, this is not to say every Nigerian business is guilty of this. Some businesses are actually doing good work putting quality content out there, consistently. Unfortunately, businesses like these aren’t so common.

How Does Zero Content Affect Businesses?

The answer here is simple: if you don’t put out content, your business/brand doesn’t get seen. If your business/brand doesn’t get seen, you don’t make sales. That is exactly why your business’s lack of content is a problem. No content means no sales.

Now, you might argue that your business is actually making sales, and maybe it is. But the fact remains that whatever your business is making now with zero online content is absolutely nothing compared to what you could be making with quality content.

Here’s a quick example for you. Imagine two brands. One you see everywhere – on adverts, in the news, on blogs, and another you know nothing about – you can’t even find it online. Which would you choose to spend your money on?

The answer is pretty obvious, right? It’s the same reason you would rather spend money on more expensive phone brands than buy the much cheaper, unknown ones. It’s the reason Bigi products took the market by storm. Content drives sales. It always has.

What’s In It For Your Business?

There is one advantage to the fact that most businesses have practically zero content online: your business has next to zero competition. With most businesses (including your competitors) being silent online, you have a higher chance of getting heard. Since there is very little local content occupying your industry’s webspace, chances are the content you publish would be seen and by the right people. And the more you are seen, the more money you are likely to make.

What Should You Do?

Start creating content. The blog on your website is a good way to start. Create useful content – useless content is almost as bad as no content at all. Maybe even worse. Use this content to engage your customers. Use it to answer their questions, and to pass vital information across. To set things straight about rumours. Anything. Just make sure it is useful and it is of good quality.

Social media is another good way to get content across to your customers. Keep your brand/business in their minds, and anytime they are wondering what brand to go for, yours would always come to mind.

If you are not sure of how to create quality content, you can get in touch with a professional content writer. It would save you time and bring you profit. A win-win, honestly.



Photo by PICHA Stock from Pexels

Content and copywriting specialist, Akilapa Precious specializes in creating content and copy for brands and businesses, strategically helping them grow their businesses by increasing their brand image and increasing impact. Not all his content are business-related however, and occasionally, he would create blogs and guest posts on his various interests which range from personal development to fitness, poetry to music, movies to anime, and even fiction.

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