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#BNGiveYourBooAShoutOut: Ifeoluwa Loves the Way Khaleesi Walks “Like the entire world can wait for you”

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It’s Valentine! You know what that means: it’s a love-filled day. Love, they say, is a beautiful thing, and we agree. But there is perhaps nothing as beautiful as putting your feelings into words and having your boo read your romantic love letter. That’s why, to celebrate love, we asked you BellaNaijarians to give a shout-out to your boos by writing them a love letter, and win Bolu Babalola‘s Love in Colour from Rovingheights. We got some interesting and romantic letters, one of them is from Ifeoluwa who loves the way his boo, Khaleesi, walks like the entire world can wait for her. Dig in!


Dear Khaleesi,

Sometimes, it genuinely feels like words aren’t enough to describe exactly how I feel about you. Today, it feels like one of those times.

I like you in the morning when you just wake up and your hair looks all messy because your bonnet fell out in the middle of the night. 

I like you in the afternoon when you transform from someone who questions why we have to wake up every day to a powerhorse of energy defeating all your assigned tasks.

I like you when you do that annoying “I’m fine” thing even though you’re clearly not fine, but you refuse to leave my side because “my presence is comforting” (the “I’m fine” thing makes me like you a little less though).

I like how you make every thing you wear looking f***ing magnificent and you walk like the entire world can wait for you because you’re not rushing anywhere.

Basically, I like you, all of you. Every part of you.

Happy Valentines, my love.