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Candius Diallo talks about the La Verita Brand and the Inspiration behind Her Work



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Q: How would you describe La Verita as a brand?

A: La Verita is a first-class beauty salon and hair factory that offers premium human hair and consultation services in hair extensions. African women worldwide are the largest consumers of hair extensions but there is a small representation of black women in the manufacturing and production of these extensions. La Verita is closing that gap by providing a unique rich hair care experience by providing the best quality of hair care and extension production.

Q: We understand La Verita offers premium and customized services. Could you shed more light on this?

A: Your relationship with your hair is extremely personal and you may not always have the same experience as someone who shares a similar hair type. At La Verita, we explore an individualized approach to hair care. This is why it is a members-only service.

Our members gain access to a lavish hair lounge and an in-house chef. From the consultation to the installation of the extension we ensure that we offer you bespoke services which consider the hair type, texture, and peculiarities for optimal results. The bespoke hair extension can be blended to meet the member’s hair color and texture.

Q: You have worked in Aviation, Healthcare, Real Estate, and now beauty. Could you walk us through how your diverse experiences have helped grow your business, La Verita?

A: The common factor in my experience in the different sectors is the prioritization of the customer, attention to detail, and emotional intelligence. For me, it came down to one thing – I am passionate about hair care, and over the years, I have learned how to talk to people, understand their needs, and how best to give them what they want how they want it, so let’s just say  I can combine these skills and my passion for African hair care to offer unique services to my clientele.

Q: What do you love the most about Nigeria?

A:  It’s the high energy, the vibrancy, and the ‘never say never attitude. There is never a dull moment and this energy is extremely contagious and motivating.

Q: Who is Candius Diallo and what is the vision for La Verita in the next few years?

A: I am an African American-born entrepreneur who moved to Nigeria a few years ago. My passion for hair care led me to discover a gap in the market which is why I set up La Verita. It is also the sweet spot between my diverse professional experience and what I love; although aviation and beauty, are service-focused industries and require sound attention to detail with customer care and satisfaction. I am also a mother, reader, and prolific writer.

I see La Verita as being a key player in building luxury haircare services in Nigeria. I would like to expand my services to other African countries and offer women exquisite experiences that make them feel beautiful.

Q: You are quite clear about the kind of consumers who have access to the La Verita experience. Who is the ideal La Verita woman?

A: The La Verita Woman is a bold, smart, go-getta all-rounded woman. They are carving out and championing spaces all around the world. Their hair shows how global they are, and how African women are representing themselves.

Q: What does La Verita’s entry into the Nigerian market symbolize for the African hair care industry?

A: That Africa can manufacture its hair extensions and create sustainable industries which create economic growth and empowerment for those involved.

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