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Jennifer & Esosa Met Through a Mutual Friend! Enjoy The Stylish #PJGlow22 Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story



You know those friends who are committed to helping us find the love of our lives? Let’s call them sure friends. Yes, these sure friends are to tier and deserve all the finest things. Today, Jennifer and Esosa are reinforcing our belief that the love of your life, may just be your friend’s friend!

A mutual friend had introduced Jennifer to Kelvin and although it didn’t immediately translate to a love tale, it’s safe to say that love eventually had its way.  That tiny seed planted by a friend sprouted the moment the lovebirds laid eyes on each other and now, it’s a forever love song.  Now, here we are taking in all the feels of their sultry pre-wedding shoot and drooling over their undeniable chemistry!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

How We Met
By the bride, Jennifer:

The Year 2016 would always be a beautiful year to remember because I fell in love with the lady I refused to attend her birthday all because I wasn’t formally invited, but the Lord has mercy on and in His mercies, I got to see her pictures and instantly I was attracted to her like it was scripted before time. With NK’s support even without meeting her, our conversations over the phone were magical, always making me smile like a baby with no worries. The calls always left me fresh and glowing. How it happens I don’t know but it does, so I kept calling.

Iyare Park felt Disney wonderland/ the Maldives/ Seychelles the moment I set my eyes on Jennifer. The air in Benin became different, the cars drove without honking, the hot sun moved further away and even though I went there to pick up a waybill with my friend Oliver, I saw someone way too precious and beautiful and I was ready to pay her bills. My eyes had seen her for the first time but my heart recognized her from before time.

Our first date was at Royal China restaurant and there I asked her to be my Nü Péngyõu and she said she would think about it. Although I did not get an actual yes, I got my world. In 2020,  we travelled to Dubai to celebrate my birthday and I “Esosa Edosomwan” bent the knee and asked her to be my queen and she happily said “My King” let’s do this!!! …and now my kingdom glows even till this present day and beyond.

The initial date was proposed for 2021 but we had to move it to honour the loss of my mum. Now, here we are having a happy ever wedding and walking down the aisle with my best friend

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Stylist @medlinboss
Bride-to-be’s Outfit @xtrabrideslagos
Groom-to-be’s Outfit @taryorgabriels
Hairstylist @dv_hairsalon
Makeup @tolufelix_mua
Photography @felixcrown 


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