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The #STING22 Forever Journey Began at a Friend’s Birthday Party



Parties can be such great avenues to find love. Now, the beautiful thing is that even if you weren’t actively searching… Love could still be right there for you! For Stine and Nguemo, it all began at their mutual friend’s birthday party.

Stine had gone to help usher in her friend’s guest who turned out to be Nguemo. From interesting conversations to phone numbers exchanged and more interesting chit chats, it’s safe to say that love entered the group chat and a “happy ever after” story was born!  Now the love birds are all set for the forever journey and of course, we’re super stoked for them. Their beautiful pre-wedding photos have us catching all the feels and drooling over their chemistry.

Enjoy their photos and love story how Stine shares it below.

How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Stine:

We met at a friend’s birthday party. It was a house party and the girls were dressing up but I was ready and she asked me to help her open the door for her friend – John. I was like, “what kind of young person answers the name, John?” Then I open the door and saw “Uncle John” standing there in all his glory. There was an instant attraction so we sat down and talked about all the things they tell you to not talk about when you meet a new guy.

We spoke about politics, religion,  feminism, and rap music. So the party went on and I wa just being myself, not knowing that somebody’s son was checking me out. At the end of the party, he comes over to meet me and says “I’m leaving, can I get your number?” At first, I was sceptical because Abuja fine men like to serve breakfast but I gave him, thinking he was just being nice.

The next day comes and I get a Whatsapp message reading, “what’s the meaning of your name?” And I tell him, and that’s how it started. We started talking, and then I got COVID but despite looking like shit, he stayed with me and fed me with runny oatmeal (which I ate either way). He basically took care of me. He didn’t mind contacting it and I think this was the moment that I knew that I’d spend the rest of my life with him.

I’m so excited to be doing life with this amazing man. The way he dotes on me, he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and I can’t wait for the beautiful family we’ll create.

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Bride-to-be: @eeviyeh
Dress: @viandi_vogue
Kaftan: @cndanielscouture
Photography: @omotayo_david