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Faith & Dagogo’s Trad & White Wedding Will Make Your Day!



When love leads to a “happy ever after”, it deserves all the celebration that it gets!  Today, we’re all about the #MyHartsTreasure22 wedding.

Faith and Dagogo crossed paths over a decade ago. However, their love story didn’t take effect until some years after when fate brought them together again. This time around, it was through a mutual friend. From sweet poetry to a meeting which turned out to be their first date… the two have now ultimately become one!

With the beautiful heritage of the Isoko, Bonny (Ijaw) and Kalabari cultures at the fore, the two tied the knot in a colourful traditional wedding. After this, the lovebirds went ahead to seal the deal in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony with friends and family present to witness and celebrate with them. Faith was an alluring bride in her all her looks and Dagogo came through dapper and suave. Their love story and beautiful wedding photos are sure to make your day.

Enjoy the #MyHartsTreasure22 white wedding and love story as shared by the couple below.

How We Met
By the Groom, Dagogo:

In a way I think I met Faith before she met me. On my very first day in Ireland, 12 years ago… Faith was part of the group that came to the airport to welcome my set. She was actually one of the very first people I spoke to. I remember saying to her how cold it was. Her response was, “haven’t you travelled outside Nigeria before?” Keep in mind this was October, mid-autumn. I said I had, but usually during the summer, and she said “you should travel more.”

I’ll never forget that meeting. Looking back at it now it seems so ominous. We were in separate cities for the better part of 6 years even though I always knew of her as we had a lot of mutual friends. In 2017, when I moved to Dublin where she was, and with both of us recently single… We met again at a mutual friend’s house. I remember she looked so beautiful, and I did something I wouldn’t normally do, I said to her “you look so beautiful”.

I remember she had a camera with her and I was actually looking for a filmmaker to collaborate with. We arranged a “meeting” which ended up being our first date. She was so kind and so caring. She asked me genuine questions about myself and was so interested in what I had to say. I was done after that, I fell for her hard and five years later we’re here.

Nothing beats mama’s love!

Here’s Faith’s side of the story:

Dagogo has an airport story of how we met but my earliest memory of us meeting is in 2017 at my best friend’s event – Rhema 365 in church. He did one of his poems “Lantern smoke” and I thought to myself, “this man is good”.

A month or so later, sometime in May 2017. We met again at the same best friend’s house but this meeting was different. Almost as if it was a scene from a movie as I could not stop telling my other two best friends about it. 😅 We exchanged numbers on that day as he told me about his poetry gigs and how he would like us to make videos for some of his poems as I had my camera on that day. I showed him some photos I had taken. I decided we met on a different day so we could discuss even more what he wanted to achieve with the videos.

Let’s head over to Dagogo as he also gets ready for the big day…

On the said day of the meeting, we agreed to meet at a coffee shop since it was supposed to be a quick meeting but he was late and I was hungry so I decided we go to a restaurant instead because I don’t function properly when I am hungry. Lol. Well, we arrived at the restaurant and the meeting turned into a QnA session where we asked all manner of questions. A quick meeting lasted for nearly 2 hours as we had burgers, dessert plus cocktails and a long chat. He walked me home, we said goodbyes and the rest is history.

The Proposal:

It was my birthday in June 2020 during the lockdown. The government had just agreed that one can host up to 16 people at one time. Hence in true Faith fashion, I planned my birthday barbecue style. Plus Nigerian dishes to go, decorated my house not knowing I was decorating for my engagement. Lol! So Dagogo told me we would have breakfast that morning. He was with me that morning and assisted me with cooking etc. He urged me to get ready and shower and that we would continue the cooking later. This was almost 10 AM. So I quickly showered and by the time I was out he was gone. In the process of looking for him, I received a video message on my phone with birthday wishes and instructions on a scavenger hunt. It started to rain that morning so he urged me to bring an umbrella and also a shopping bag. I was too excited to think. So, like a child, I skipped my way through looking for clues. 😅

The first clue was at my gate with a map and a poem. I followed the map and with every stop, there was a gift and a poem. I was so happy that I spoke to myself whilst walking down the road and even smiled all through like a child. I’m pretty sure people thought I was losing my mind. As I walked to the last clue, I heard a question so loud in my spirit asking me what if he proposes?  I said everything to try and convince myself that he wasn’t going to propose as I don’t like to move ahead of myself. Long story short, I got back to my house, opened the door and there was a long trail of lit candles with balloons at the end reading “congratulations” and our song playing. In true Faith fashion, I started laughing not knowing what was about to happen.

He stood at the end of the candles with his arm stretched out to me urging me to come forward. I walked toward him. He said a few words, mentioned my name in full with me in shock and knelt down asking me to marry him. In tears, I knelt down with him and said Yes! I remember us just hugging and me asking, “is this for real?”

Enjoy their trad wedding photos and the planner’s insights into the blend of cultures below.

Here’s the planner’s perspective on the beautiful blend of cultures:

The bride is Isoko from Delta state, the groom is from Bonny kingdom in Rivers state, and his mum is from Kalabari also in rivers state. The couple represented the bride’s culture in their entrance as the groom came through in a traditional Isoko male attire while the bride represented in her maiden outfit whilst paying homage to her mum’s chieftaincy attire.

The couple switched outfits representing the Groom’s Bonny heritage with the bride tying a single wrapper (Ikaki) and the groom in a typical Bonny men’s outfit.

Faith and Dagogo also incorporated the groom’s mum’s Bibife ceremony ( from the Kalabari kingdom). It is the “buying of the mouth of the bride” so that she’s able to eat in her in-law’s house. This was depicted when the couple changed into a typical Kalabari outfit.

To the third appearance of the day and in fact, more glow! The Kalabari culture was beautifully represented.

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Traditional Wedding

Bride @fay_dhart
Makeup @iheomabeauty
Hair @hairbyposhclass
Photography @lucasugoweddings
Videography @esosaaiguwurhuo
Bridal Styling @nova.mariee_
Fan and Beads @nenejewellryandcraft
Planner @3003events

White Wedding

Bride @fay_dhart
Groom @ddagzy
Planner @3003events
Photography @lucasugoweddings | @officialbigdealweddings@bigdealstudio
Videography @bigdeal_films
Hairstylist @amuzatfatimah
Wedding Dress @yemishoyemi
Stylist @novamarieebridal
Bride Robe @thetonyejeaps
Suit @loucheclothiers
Venue @thefivepalm
Bouquet and Bridesmaids Florals @camakabespokepieces

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