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Real Warri Pikin Speaks Candidly about Surviving Suicide & Thriving in the Face of Adversity on #WithChude

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In this week’s episode of “#WithChude,” comedian and actress, Anita Asuoha, popularly known as “Real Warri Pikin,” opens up to host Chude Jideonwo about life, financial challenges, and miracles. From a N22 million debt that nearly bankrupted her family to a suicide attempt that she narrowly avoided, it was the same dark experiences that led her to the stardom that is now the story of her life.

She shared all this with a lot of laughter, humour and power.


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On surviving a terrible financial crisis

So in 2017/2018, I had issues. My husband and I had financial issues, we were in debt and everything.

I attempted suicide in June 6th, 2018. I didn’t die. They carried me to like three different hospitals. When I woke up, I said ‘if I didn’t die, that means God didn’t want me to die’, so you see me, this my story I’ll use it to heal people because it means God didn’t want me to die but to use my story to touch lives. So it’s not a story I’ll hoard or keep to myself, and the fastest way to do it is online and I had my small iTel phone then, if you see my face then, I looked miserable.

So if you check, all the videos I did then weren’t just comedy to make people laugh, they were aimed at motivating people in the area! Even though you’re in debt, Federal Government too is in debt, don’t kill yourself. If you kill yourself they’ll still play the UEFA Champions League, take one day at a time. I think those things helped me heal, things I was supposed to tell myself I come dey tell people. I still wasn’t done paying the debt regardless and after making my motivational videos, I’ll still go back to crying when alone. If you had seen me then, you’d easily tell that I was in debt.


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On what pushed her to almost commit suicide

There was a time I went to a ‘big man’ (name withheld) for help at Baze University, he was pursuing his second degree in law at the time, he requested my presence and I showed up but he was occupied with exams but still gave me N20,000 mint notes and subtly added that I return at night for what he called some play. He then tapped my backside as I was about to alight his vehicle, that day was the 6th of June, the same 6th of June that I attempted suicide because I had taken enough and I was fed up.

So I left Baze University and headed straight for a neighbourhood pharmacist. I swear that right there was my trigger and to my greatest surprise, he called me 2 years later confirming if I was the famous Real Warri Pikin, asking for my account details. I was bewildered because he didn’t give or help out when I needed it, so why now? To think that he could afford to give me a million back then without breaking a sweat. That was what pushed me to my infamous suicide.


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