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A Chance Encounter brought them Together, Now these Lookalikes are Best of Friends

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Photo Credit: Tunde Ososanya for BBC Pidgin

Anuoluwa Ezekiel was about to enter a bus when a voice shouted: “Habibat, what are you doing here?” That was and Habibat Yusuf‘s dad who had mistaken Anuoluwa for his daughter. She told him her name is Anuoluwa and she’s not the one he’s talking about.

According to their interview with BBC Pidgin, Anuoluwa said he found it hard to believe. Then he went ahead and took Anuoluwa’s number telling her he’d contact her later. When she got back home, Anuoluwa got a message from Habibat. She had sent a picture of herself to confirm whether or not what her father had told her was true.

Both the girls and their parents were surprised. As Anuoluwa recounts it, she asked her mother whether she had twins, and her mother confirmed that she was the only child.

Since then, they’ve grown so close that when people say they’re twins, they don’t bother to explain. They both accept it and move on.

Do they have anything in common, just like twins? Amazingly, yes. Anuoluwa and Habibat have a striking resemblance in appearance, despite their age gap. They are also the same height.

They are both pursuing degrees in education; however, they are pursuing different specialisations within that field. And, according to Anuoluwa, they’re both very emotional. The same birthmark Anuoluwa has on her lap is also on Habibat’s chest.

Meeting a person who looks just like you is a surreal moment.


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