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BN Book Review: Epe Principle by Azeez Amida | Review by The BookLady NG

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If there is anyone Curtis Jenkins is referring to in Vision to Reality: Stop Working, Start Living when he says, “It is an acceptance of being uncomfortable that drives change,” it is Azeez Amida. From an early age, he has been curious about the business of living. The idea of ‘comfort zone’ is foreign to him and this transcends into his adult life. He did not let his background or limited opportunities growing up box him in. Now, he is a ‘Nigerian business executive working globally to support career professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate brands with cutting-edge growth strategies’, and he has written EPE Principle to lend insight to the highroads he took towards getting to the pinnacle of his career.

EPE Principle – short for Enter, Perform, Exit – is an intuitive approach to maximizing your potential while building your career. The principle was inspired by the Epe town in Lagos known for fishery and as a central transit point to everywhere else in Southwest Nigeria. According to Amida, “The principle aims to lay the foundation for a new chain of thoughts in career building or goal setting in general.” It is crystal clear from Amida’s impressive resume that he is a problem solver. He writes with such detail only similar to that of a teacher that is vested in advancing knowledge in learners. Each course title and its code are backed by insightful and relevant analogies for better comprehension of the principle. Amida begins with an introduction that prepares the mind for more.

It is often said that the title of a book goes a long way in attracting a potential reader and it is evident that the title of this book was well-researched. The correlation between Epe town and Enter, Perform, Exit is a hook targeted at readers to pique interest and spark curiosity. While it provides an overview of the content, it does not give away too much. 

It is easy to infer that Enter could mean the start of something, the inception of an idea, or the beginning of a career. Perform is when these ideas begin to take form and when you begin to grow in your career. Exit is when you acknowledge that an idea has run its course, or a career opportunity has ended. This title has a profound meaning that Azeez Amida takes his time to dissect the content carefully. We are introduced into the world of career building in each section with illustrations marked by expertise that comes with years of experience.

It is easy to say that this book is a gold mine, but the reality is that this book is a mine for more gems than gold. There are many books on career management and opportunities, but what EPE Principle offers is a fresh perspective on the opportunity cycle – a different way to approach career development. The axiom about doing things the same way and expecting different result is not faulty and it brings to mind the Sisyphean struggle. What Azeez Amida offers in this book is not a one hundred percent hack to achieve career goals, but a change in the route to those goals that may accelerate progress. The highlights, highstones, reflections and summary in each section are noteworthy. Amida also touches on the four kinds of people in every opportunity, their strengths, their According to him, objectives are the soul of every opportunity, while ownership is the ticket to growth. 

There are some fire quotes in this book that influences a mind shift towards your goals. The first is, If you do not have an owner’s mindset, it is impossible to grow faster than your peers.” Another is, “Until you can treat your job the same way you would treat it if that section of the company were yours, you cannot advance beyond this Highstone.” Finally, “Every moment you spend staying down, you open yourself up to various risks, including your bosses concluding you are not ready for the next stage.”

Opportunities abound, but the instinct to recognize them and seize them must not be dormant. And if there is one thing Amida emphasizes in this book, it is the need to explore opportunities and that it is equally important to choose opportunities that would improve chances of winning. 

It is possible to continue extolling the value this book offers, but it is best experienced personally. In the nine sections that make up this excellent book, Amida offers career insights and lessons in straightforward expressions guaranteed to make you aspire for exponential career growth. Without a doubt, EPE Principle will educate and inform you to make better decisions regarding your career.  

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