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It all Began at Church Teenage Camp For Mojoyin & Debo – See Their Pre-wedding Shoot

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Love always has a way of finding us even when we’re not looking.  Love found Mojoyin and Debo and it has been an exciting journey for them.

The lovebirds crossed paths during a teenage camp in church. They were so different from each other and they thought nothing could happen between them. However, love had other plans and it made a perfect match of these two. Today, we get to see their pre-wedding photos and we are obsessed with the bond that they share. We’re certainly not over the rock-paper-scissors photos which take them back to when they met. Mojoyin and Debo make such a beautiful couple!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below;

How we met
By the bride, Mojoyin

Debo and I met at our church’s teens camp (he claims he met me earlier but I don’t remember lol 👀). We always maintained our friendship but we had very little in common back when we first met. I was very quiet and reserved🙃🙃 while Debo is very playful. Who knew that from playing rock paper scissors for jokes, we would be playing it to decide our wedding dates 😂😂😂. We are incredibly excited at what the future holds for both of us as a married couple. To my person, it’s me and you till the wheels fall off babe ❤❤

How we met
By the groom, Debo

I had been trying to get Mojoyin’s attention for a while when we were younger but she was quiet and reserved, while I on the other hand was known as the loud guy in the choir who drums. I felt nothing was really in my favour to attract such a calm girl, but as life will have it, we ended up at a church camp where we kind of connected, shared some giggles and kept contact.

Since that camp, I never found anyone that understood and connected with me as she did so we built our friendship into a relationship. Now I’m the quiet one and she’s the loud one😂😂😂. To my Forever GenZ baby, I promise to never stop loving you. ❤❤


Bride: @mojoyinola_
Photography@nicoleadehi_valeo |  @ella.ikem | @ebun.medessou
Planner : @qmaravieplanners

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