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Be Transformed with the Catalyst: Why You Need to Know your Strengths

You become profitable when you are productive.

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Lifestyles have shown that when we know how to utilise our strengths, we become happier, more engaged, and more likely to succeed in achieving our goals. And when our goals are achieved, we become fulfilled. And when you feel fulfilled, the cycle goes back to being happy. When you are, the people around you will feel the energy and the happiness; your friends, family, associates, colleagues and team members.

Our strength is not measured by the weight of things we can carry or lift. It is not by how wide and robust our muscles appear. Rather, it is by how well we can identify what we are comfortable working with. For instance, if you’re given a task, the first step should be how best you can handle it. If it appears as something you’re not capable of executing, it is important to mention that you are currently incapable of doing it, rather than trying to force yourself to work on it. When we utilise our strengths at work, we are 70% more engaged in the tasks, and 30% more productive.

I am able to do everything I do effectively because I understand and utilise my strength. More importantly, I identify my own five core strengths that make me perform resoundingly. With these five strengths, I understand what I’m good at and what I am capable of doing. Here they are:


My objective is to develop people’s potential. I believe that every person has the potential for development. I go on a personal mission to help others utilise their potential and succeed. I look for ways to facilitate their learning process – from challenging their thought processes in a discussion to facilitating and enabling learning environments. 


My objective is to take responsibility. I execute my tasks as soon as possible so as not to get overwhelmed. If you happen to be like me, people will always love to have you around or work with you. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at you first. They are 100% sure that whatever gets to your desk will get done no matter what.


My objective is to bring a positive spirit. I believe that a glass half-filled is half-full, not half-empty. Whether it’s a work project or a daily situation, I always manage to find a way to make everything more exciting. I inject enthusiasm into people because people love to be around someone like that. Optimism helps to motivate people and mitigate conflicts.


My objective is to be empathetic to other people’s emotions. I try to manage what comes out of my mouth and also use words to console whoever is going through a thing or two. It is always pleasing when people talk to us with compassion, so it is just kind of us to share that kind of spirit.

Time Keeper

I set timelines and deadlines to keep up with my time frame. I don’t try to control everything but just create an order or sequence of predictability to my life happenings. I impose the structure onto everything by setting up routines, timelines and deadlines. This helps ensure progress and productivity. Having a structure is very important when working on a project.

Generally, start focusing on how best to use your strengths to improve your effectiveness and productivity. You become profitable when you are productive.

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