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Lukay and Jaypee Evicted from the #BBTitans Show

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Big Brother Titans housemates, Lukay and Jaypee (JayKay) have been evicted from the house in tonight’s live eviction show.

After rounds of voting from the fans and three weeks in Big Brother’s house, JayKay got the least votes and were evicted from the show on Sunday.

On his part, Lukay was not surprised about his exit. He said, “I am not surprised. There’s a silver lining to everything in life and to be taken out this early means they saw that I am challenge, I am a threat and they must remove me before I go further.”

On his relationship with Ipeleng, he said “We are genuinely building something. It was not a tactic. It was not a strategy. So there’s hopeful things happening after the show. We will see after the show.”

Jaypee on the other hand was somewhat disappointed. She said,  “Genuinely, I am like bruv, you ain’t cut out for this sh*t. That’s genuinely how I feel. Auditioned for 5 years and 3 weeks after I get picked I am out of the game, I am like maybe you never should have been in there. That’s genuinely how I feel.”

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