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Unlock the Value of Unused Gift Cards with NOSH

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Do you want to know the best gift card to choose as your Valentine’s Day gift to your partner? Let Nosh highlight the top gift cards that your partner can appreciate as a present and how gift cards can help save you time. Gift cards are a typical Valentine’s Day gift since they will give your partner the ultimate freedom to select their own gifts, such as a spa day, a meal at their favourite restaurant, a unique shopping spree, or any other event that they will like. So at times, it is best to get your partner a gift card than to buy something they might not appreciate.

Gift cards for Valentine’s Day can be purchased in-store or online. Gift cards are often offered in various values ranging from $15 to $500. Furthermore, some gift cards are linked to certain companies and can only be used at their stores or online platforms, whilst others can be used at a variety of stores. Some gift cards can be pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, while others can be recharged as needed.

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Cards For 2023

Consider the following 10 Valentine’s Day gift cards:

  1. Amazon gift card: This gift card lets your loved one purchase anything from Amazon’s extensive inventory, which includes anything from books and gadgets to apparel and jewellery.
  2. iTunes gift card: This gift card can be used to get songs, movies and other items for the music or movie fan in your life.
  3. SpaFinder gift card: A SpaFinder gift card, which can be used at over 20,000 spas and wellness places worldwide, is the perfect way to give the gift of relaxation and care.
  4. Starbucks gift card: Give your loved one a Starbucks gift card to spend on their favourite coffee beverages and snacks.
  5. Netflix gift card: A Netflix gift card can be used to subscribe to the streaming service or to add credit to an existing account, making it the perfect gift for binge-watchers.
  6. Google Play gift card: This gift card is a great way to give the gift of fun and enjoyment to your partner. Google Play gift card can be used to purchase applications, games, books and movies, on Android devices.
  7. Sephora gift card: Give your loved one a day of beauty and self-care with a Sephora gift card, that can be used to buy beauty products, skincare, hair care, and perfumes at Sephora stores and online.
  8. Target gift card: You can use a Target gift card to buy everything from food items and household products to apparel, gadgets, and home decor.
  9. Ulta gift card: Pamper a loved one with an Ulta gift card, which may be used to purchase cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and fragrance goods.
  10. GameStop gift card: This gift card can be a great gift idea to give to a gamer. The receiver can purchase video games, consoles, and gaming equipment at GameStop stores and online on the GameStop website.

How to Sell Valentine’s Day Gift Cards for Cash in Nigeria

However, if you receive a gift card that you can’t use because of your location, for instance, a Target gift card cannot be used at a Target store in Nigeria because Target has no physical presence in Nigeria. So what happens to it? Because of this issue, NOSH, a gift card trading app has made it easy to exchange gift cards for cash at the best rates instantly.

Simply download the Nosh app on Play store or App store. Create an account, and begin your trade by clicking on ‘Buy | Sell Giftcards’. Pick the gift card category and subcategory. Insert the amount and choose the currency you want for your cash (Naira or Cedis). Wait about 5 minutes from the platform and you will instantly get your money in your wallet. Before you start trading, you can check the Rate Calculator so you can know the rates and amount to receive.

Now you know what to do. Instead of making up an excuse for not getting him or her a gift on Valentine’s Day, get them a gift card. And you now have a choice of ten of them. Pick any one of them that fits with their hobby, interests or activities and you will be appreciated for it. Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Please Note; The information provided here does not translate to investment, financial, or trading advice and should not be treated as such.

Kindly do your due diligence.

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