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Don’t Miss the Latest Episode of “Colours of Life” featuring Pastor Shyngle & Stella Wigwe discussing the Power of Love

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The Christian lifestyle talk show “Colours of Life” is back with a new episode.

Koko Kalango sits with Pastor Shyngle and Stella Wigwe, who have been married for an incredible 60 years. In this episode, the couple shares their invaluable experiences on love, marriage, tolerance, faith, forgiveness, and much more. From stories of salvation to the importance of forgiveness, their insights as a married couple are sure to inspire and enlighten viewers.”

See excerpts below:

Pastor Shyngle Wigwe on the important things to make a marriage succeed.

“I think first and foremost is tolerance. Success in marriage draws a lot from tolerance. No one is perfect. It becomes important that when you come together for first time that you now live as a couple, you have to tolerate the shortcomings of your spouse. It is very important. It gets better when you are both born again. It gets better in the sense that you’re very well counseled, you would probably belong to the same faith, so you have a set of rules that both of you agree to live by and that does help considerably. Marriages break down when one of you decides not to keep to that and the other partner says, I am not going to have it. But if the other partner can adhere strictly to the teaching of the word and tolerate perhaps for a short while you will be able to win your spouse over and both of you will continue again.”

Pastor Stella Wigwe’s advice to the young generation 

“They say that love is like a violin, you know the instrument. We all love it. You go to a theater and you hear them. You love it and that is how marriage is and even in the Bible, it says faith, hope and love. They say love is the greatest. You must love before you marry. Very important. By the time you get married, you will meet a lot of obstacle. Some people get it from day 1, some people get it after a year and so on and so forth. But to me, one of the important thing is forgiveness because each day is like a new package. Each day has its own problems and if you don’t forgive you cannot move on. You must also have patience as a wife. You need a lot of patience because the load is a lot on your head as well as on him too.”

Watch the full episode below:

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