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WATCH: Meagan Good on Self Love

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American actress Meagan Good’s message for everyone on the path of finding their person in this season of love is to – love yourself, know what you want, be patient, be fully formed and true to yourself. The “Harlem” star shared this in an exclusive interview with BellaNaija.

She said:

Yeah, I mean you know I just went through a divorce last year and I am currently not dating anyone and I am excited about loving myself this season like really honing into what I want, who I am, how I love myself, how I experience life, what I want for the future, all those things and so my Valentine’s Day for the most part is just going to be about me. And God is my lover, my boyfriend and I think that the biggest thing that I am learning is just like waiting.

You know, understanding that we have to truly love ourselves and take care of ourselves first so that when we do have that person come into our lives, we are fully formed human beings and it’s not one of those things where the person completes you but you are complete unto yourself and that person is not a necessity, they are a gift and you treat them as the gift that they are and so I would just say, take your time and have perspective and understand that even in the waiting period, there’s so much growth and so much amazing things that are supposed to be happening and you’re supposed to be present for those things. So that when you do come to the other side of it you’re fully formed and able for what’s next.


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