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Instagram Brought Remi and Wole Together – Now It’s a Yes to Forever!

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Remi and Wole’s proposal was an absolute thrill! The thoughtfulness that went into it left us in awe and we want you to relish the sweetness as you scroll.

It’s no longer news that Instagram keeps doing wonders when it comes to this love ministry. 😅 Wole slid into Remi’s DMs shortly after she liked a photo on his Instagram page and this led to the sweet love they now share. Wole knew it was time to ask his baby girl to be his wife and with the help of Remi’s best friend, he planned a perfect surprise proposal. Now, what started with a like on Instagram is leading to a life of forever bliss. We are super excited for Remi and Wole as they embark on their love journey!

Remember Toyosi who planned her proposal thinking it was her best friend’s?  Well, Remi is that best friend and her surprise proposal happened just two days after! How beautiful is that? Read all about how Wole popped the question to Remi as you scroll.

Enjoy the lovebirds’ engagement photos and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Remi:

I saw a picture of Wole the first time he flew his dad on my explore page, and I liked it. A few months after, he sent a friend request and after a month or two of always being the first to like my post, he sent a DM. We chatted almost every day and shared memes. We exchanged phone numbers and spoke at length including via video calls.  He would gist me about what life is doing “gear up and gear down” every day (people in the aviation industry will understand 😂) we literally spoke about everything, including the men I was talking to then.

I wasn’t interested in a relationship with him then ( I don friend zone baba). He travelled with some of his colleagues for training, and I sometimes spoke to them. One of his friends and colleague was the one who told me he liked me but I didn’t take him seriously. He ended his training on his birthday month and he came to see me. I got him a birthday present and before you knew it, baba started finding his way out of the friend zone. And now he’s out!! 😁

Here is how Wole popped the question:

I had no idea Wole wanted to propose to me before I came up with the plan of how we would trick my best friend (Toyor) into her proposal to her fiancé. While we were planning Toyor’s proposal, Wole contacted the same vendors and told them there was going to be an actual proposal for us. He spoke to Toyor immediately after her proposal and she worked her magic in two days. 😌

Toyor came up with the plan of reaching out to a friend who I hold dear and asked him to invite me for a cooperate dinner. He asked me to come correct as there would be dignitaries there. I got prepared on the 29th of January for the supposed cooperate dinner and instead of seeing a dinner set up, I saw my man holding a flower waiting for me to say yes to him.



Bride to be@sisimofe

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