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Exclusive: Clemzy on His Musical Roots, Creative Process & Working With L.A.X

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Nigerian musician and record producer, Clemzy has worked with some of the hottest names in the Nigerian music industry, including Tiwa Savage, 2Baba, and Larry Gaaga.

Born Nnawuba Onyebuchi Clemsy and popularly known for the tag “Bring D Hit Clemzy” at the beginning or end of all his music productions, he is also credited with creating the Afropiano sound with the song “Go Low” by L.A.X.

In 2022, he produced the hit songs “Loyalty” by Ajebo Hustlers and Mayorkun’s “Certified Loner.”

BellaNaija had a chat with the renowned producer for an insight into his music genre, relationship with L.A.X, his journey so far, the stars he would love to work with, and lots more.

Nnawuba is an interesting name. What does it mean?

My surname is Nnawuba, which means the father is wealth in the Igbo language.

Every music producer’s path to this industry is unique. Take us through yours up to this point.

My journey as a music producer started in 2011, but I can remember 2010 when I used to go to the studio with my friend and see the way they make beats. It was fun and interesting watching the producer in the studio making beats. Though I was a singer then, I was so in love with the creativity behind sound-making. In 2011, I decided to give it a try, and that was how I became a producer until now.

Which project have you deeply connected to in your impressive catalogue?

ZAZA VIBES by L.A.X was a project I took very seriously because I knew that with what I was creating on that project, my life and L.A.X’s life in the music industry would change. It was fun making the project and also scary at the same time because we didn’t know what was going to happen next. After all, the world was on standby because of COVID. But we knew when this whole pandemic thing was over, it would be a blessing for us, and you can see it now.

What has been your biggest blessing so far in the industry?

My biggest blessing, I would say, is seeing people appreciate my work. My songs make them happy. That’s a great joy that money can’t buy.

And challenges?

I won’t say I have any challenges at the moment. It’s just that as a creative, sometimes you will have a creative block and find it hard to create. The best way to deal with it is to not step into the studio for a week or two and do something else that doesn’t relate to music. Trust me when you return to the studio, everything will be fine.

What, in your opinion, makes a hit song?

To be honest, nobody knows a hit song, but sometimes you can predict it by the way a song is composed and structured.


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What would you say is your perfect music recipe?

Honestly, I’m used to listening to different types of genres. I listen to music a lot, and it has made me understand how I can combine any sound to create something unique at any time. As an Afrobeats producer, I can infuse any sound into Afrobeats and it will sound amazing.

Who are the producers, songwriters, or artists that you consider to be your primary sources of inspiration?

I think I am in love with the way Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Don Jazzy, OJB Jezreel, ID Cabasa, and Sarz make beats. They inspired me to become a producer. I remember growing up with my grandma. I was used to highlife music because that’s what she played all the time, and when I grew up a little older, I started falling in love with secular music and started searching for the producers behind the beats because I was in love with their creativity.

You have a lot of popular records with L.A.X. How did you first connect with him, and how did you guys hit it off?

L.A.X and I have been friends for a long time. Before we started creating music, I met L.A.X in 2014 when I went to his studio with Timiboi to finish a song we did together, and since then we have been close friends. We started making music fully in 2017, I think.


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Your last project was in 2022. Do you have anything lined up for your fans? Who are you looking forward to working with but haven’t had the opportunity to do so?

Yes, I dropped a song with Ajebo Hustlers called 2AM IN DA CLUB last year, and my EP is almost ready. I’m planning to put it out very soon. I have worked with almost everyone except Davido and Burna Boy. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

The Nigerian music industry has, for a while now, been making leaps and bounds. How would you say you have contributed to the numerous landmark achievements?

It’s a wonderful era to see our music being played and danced to all around the globe. I’m blessed to be among the producers that contributed to the growth of Afrobeats. I’m grateful.


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Who are you currently listening to?

Honestly speaking, I’m listening to a lot of people right now because there is so much beautiful music and talented artists to listen to. I’m just exploring and enjoying beautiful songs.


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