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Frederick Nkobowo

Frederick Nkobowo is an astute lawyer and alumnus of the University of Uyo. He is currently an associate in Compos Mentis Legal Practitioners; one of Nigeria's foremost indigenous law firms. As part of the Dispute Resolution Practice group of the firm, he has successfully represented corporates and individual clients in handling various high net claims in various Courts across the nation. With a penchant for detail, he is known to sift through the mesh of facts and law to achieve justice for clients within the bounds of the law. This has led to the win of many multi-Million naira claims against his clients. He is profoundly interested in legal research and writing and is fascinated by the facilitation of the intersection between the law and technology. When he is not solving knotty legal problems, he could be cooking another hopefully intriguing meal, savouring art or reading.

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