Tiwa Savage opens up about her Pampers Deal, Making a Comeback after Having a Baby & More | Watch

Tiwa Savage

Music star Tiwa Savage had a chat with TVC Entertainment on their show “TVC Connect Meets…” and on it the new mother talks about a lot of things including why she and husband Tee Billz decided to shield Jamil from the media for a couple of months, her new Pampers endorsement deal, making a comeback in the music industry and more.

See excerpts below.

On her Pampers deal with son Jamil: The Pampers deal came literally about a month and a half ago so it was after I had Jamil.

On how she felt at the news of being replaced while on maternity leave: I don’t think I was really bothered. I know how entertainment is and sometimes you need that kind of news so I didn’t take it personally and I wasn’t really moved by it because when you’re having a baby that’s one of the biggest joys that you can ever ever imagine.

On making a comeback after having a baby: My priority was just to make sure that I was healthy and that my baby was healthy and that we had a safe delivery. So at that time I was taking time away from music and I knew I had to take time off but my focus was really my baby…and I had worked while I was pregnant. I had recorded my album so I also knew that I had something when I was going to come back and I was going straight back into work. I also believed in the grace of God over my life and I guess that helped me.

She also shared 5 things people don’t know about her

  1. She doesn’t like wearing heels. She prefers flat shoes.
  2. She can cook but doesn’t like to cook.
  3. She prefers staying at home and just watching TV.
  4. She drives sometimes and she drives very slow.
  5. She loves bread.

Watch the rest of her chat below.

4 Comments on Tiwa Savage opens up about her Pampers Deal, Making a Comeback after Having a Baby & More | Watch
  • wasek January 25, 2016 at 10:17 am

    You are blessed tiwa and congratulations on the 1m followers on instragram

  • prince January 25, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Can anyone actually be replaced. People should get this completion thing off their mind. The ONLY person you’re in competition with is YOURSELF. Just put in more effort to OUT-DO your PAST and that’s it.
    A man that is building a bungalow and the one building a sky-scrapper can start digging foundation at the same time but they can finish together.
    While the bungalow man has already moved in the other one is still digging because he knows what he’s about the bring out
    Your Life is your asset and you shouldn’t live it in competition.
    TIWA is amazing and I’m glad she knows that its God’s grace that has brought her thus far. #keepspreading #unstoppableprogress

  • susa January 25, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    Don’t be delusional! In any kind of business, you either compete by reinventing yourself or get left behind. You want to tell me coca-cola and Pepsi don’t compete? I laugh in swahili!

    The entertainment business is no different from other types of businesses. The record labels create a brand, invest in that brand and expect that brand to make them money and be the best in the music market.

    Biko, leave matter.

  • vicky February 1, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    mtcheewwww..my own message is for her to be ORIGINAL!!

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