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I was looking through the blog this weekend and was shocked to find out that I had never featured, Genevieve!
A Nigerian blog without Genevieve Nnaji is simply incomplete. I know I am being dramatic but seriously…lol
Anyway, Genevieve is a good actress and I am proud of any woman who is doing her thing in a big way!
Each time I read a story about her in the press, they are always going on and on about how she is snobbish and rude. I guess that was part of the reason she got ‘banned’ my Nigerian movie marketers. I’ve met Genevieve a couple of times and I have to say that she was really nice. If I was going to mention anything, it would be that she seemed kinda shy.
Anyway, here are some shots of Genevieve from a magazine cover feature earlier this year. I think she looks really good especially in the cover shot.
She can be seen in Ego Boyo’s new movie, ’30 Days’ which is out now!

HERE is the ’30 days’ movie website.
Pictures From Mimi Magazine. For their website click HERE
Is she overrated? Misunderstood? Has anyone seen the new movie? Is she looking good?
What do y’all think?

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