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Hey everyone!
How was ur weekend? Mine was something else…..I don’t even know where to start! The weekend was generally fun but Lagbaja was amazing! If u haven’t seen him live, u should try to experience that soon……just take some crazy friends along and viola u have urself a fun night!
Congratulations to African Mosaique for winning our Bella Naija Africa Fashion Week. I had the voting poll on the blog for some hours and they were the clear winner. I really luved their collection too!!! Thanks for all your comments throughout the week, it really made the week more fun.
I will be doing a Nigeria Fashion Week sometime soon….u wont want to miss it!

Here are some hot Nigerian songs along with some classic ones…ENJOY!

Sunny Neji – Oruka – Download AudioSee Video
This is a hot Nigerian wedding song……everyone seems to luv it…..I honestly hated this song before cause I thought it was sappy…I gave the song another listen this year and I now luv it! See what old age does to u…lol……

Lagbaja – Never Far Away – Download AudioSee Video
In honour of the Lagbaja concert, this is a lovely song…..This is not a typical Lagbaja song, its very soulful. Lagbaja’s vocalist Ego really does a great job on this one….

Jazzman Olofin
– Raise the Roof Feat. Ayuba– Download Audio
This is an old song but it is really a party starter! People really go crazy for this song…..if u haven’t heard it song……u r missing out!
By the way, I will be doing something on Storm Records, the hottest music label in Nigeria with the livest artists soon

Let me know what u think…See ya later today…Ciao

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