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Hey everyone! I know some of u had a superfab weekend!!!! And yes I’m talking about the people who attended the ThisDay Music Festival!
I am sooo sad I missed it…some of the people who read this and know the story will understand…

Anyway, from all accounts, it was just TOO MAD
Well organized, great crowd, fab music! Some of my friends said it was the best night ever! The VIP section was just like a little party/meet and greet/drinkup…loads of people saw people they hadn’t seen in a bit so it was good times……
Basically, Saturday night was the night to beat! Jay Z, Beyonce, Ciara, En Vogue etc….Sunday night was great as well but even though tickets were valid for both days, on Sunday, loads of people
(a) Skipped it
(b) Left early
Don Chi Chi aka Blog Marley has a fantastic very detailed blow-by-blow account of all events so go check it out now…HERE
Here is ThisDay Style Special Edition Roundup of the event – …HERE

Highlights include:
– Beyonce belting out a powerful rendition of the Nigerian national anthem
– Ciara attempting to speak Yoruba
– Jay-Z killin’ it! Memphis Bleek was on stage with him
– Snoop and Missy doing their thing (a lil birdie tells me that these 2 inhaled a lil more than Nigerian fresh air *wink*…lol)
– Nigerian artistes Dare, D’Banj etc…representing in a great way…
– Some Lagos chicks attempting to follow Karrine Stephans footsteps…lol
– I hear a lot of boyfriends and ‘toasters’ were MIA days before the event to avoid buying tickets…lol
– Nigerian people really represented lookin good! most people were dressed to the tee
– A lot of oldies attended…as in people’s parents….they all rocked it tho!
– By the way, tickets were sold-out! yup…including the 100k VIP tickets

TMinx attended the event so should be filling us in soon…HERE
Mona has some Xclusive gist from the event…check on it…HERE
Now down to the pictures, cameras were banned from the event and most people didn’t want to brave defying the rules just to avoid harassment etc…so finding pictures from the event is just soooooooooo DIFFICULT…
So ENJOY what I grabbed…

Whooo hooo…just to depress we who werent there a lil bit are some vids from the ThisDay concert
I’ll be adding more later –
Here is Beyonce singing the Nigerian national anthem…
She did a very good job!

Thanks Kemster!

Thanks anonymous! U rock~

I really must commend, Mr Nduka Obaigbena (Editor in Chief/CEO/Chairman) of Leaders & Company (the owners of ThisDay newspapers), he has really taken great strides in elevating Nigeria’s status – From the ThisDay Awards to the ThisDay Style Weekends and now the ThisDay music Festival. Very commendable indeed.

So r u as sad as I am that you missed it?
Any first hand accounts? Let us know what u thnk?
…I’ll prob have some more HQ pics later in the week…

Your comments are sooo important! Have a great week!

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