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Prolific blogger and my blog sweetheart – Don Chi Chi is guest blogging today…
I harrassed don chi to guest blog and he has gifted us with 50 Questions….
Play along and answer one of the questions….
I’ll be back on Wednesday…

This is a Public Rant on Bella Naija’s blogspot, brought to you by the wonderful numskulls in my head. So without further ado, we bring to you, Don Chi as Chi McRanter in…


are Jay-Z’s lips so damn big?
does everyone thing Dr Dre’s production is so special?
is 50 Cent still relevant?
the hell am I bothered about 50 Cent?
is Ma$e testing the REAL B.I.G. aka GOD!
is Diddy still rapping?
am I the only one that sees Nigeria still has lightyears to travel entertainment wise?
am I so fly? (ha ha)
does Bella find me worthy enough of a guest spot?
are Nigerian movies such crap?
am I broke?
can’t we have multiple partners and everybody just cool widdit?
is a 3 letter word J
does Monday, come before Tuesday?
has a long tail and two branches?
are you even reading this?
must I be like that?
must I chase the cat?
does IBB really want to rule again?
do we need money?
don’t we revert back to the trade by barter system?
don’t you give me your girlfriend and take my Usher CD?
are Usher and Pharrell fooling themselves with that collabo?
do I feel Jay-Z and Beyonce may do a Best of Both Worlds III album?
do I want Hov & B to do a Best of Both Worlds III album?
don’t I see that from “03 Bonnie & Clyde” to “Hollywood”, Hov & B always rock it the same?
do I feel Nas & Kelis may try it too?
would I even think of such rubbish?
is my tummy hurting?
did I rush that burger?
don’t people believe I prefer Batman to Superman?
should anybody care?
do UK rappers feel they’re all ‘gangsta’?
do I love Channel U?
do Nigerian rappers feel they’re too hard?
girls act like they don’t like sex as much as guys?
does sex have to pop up in one form or the other?
can’t I do the last button on my blazer?
does my head hurt?
don’t you like me?
oh, why?
is Nigeria full of corruption?
is Nigeria empty with regards to common sense?
am I so angry?
can’t I shag sisters?
am I gonna get hate mail for question 45?
does day come before night?
are black folk so racial?
do you want me to stop this rubbish?
you wanna, playa hate on me?

Blog Marley out Governor’s in Nigeria. Thanx for the opportunity BN.

Yell @ yo boy!

ok…so i’ll answer one of the questions…
do we need money?
ummm…is that even a question?…most def…

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