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Model of the Week: Ifeoma Jones – Ford Supermodel of the Year 2007 Finalist

Hey everyone,
What’s going on? How was your week? I am soooo elated that today is Friday…wooot! I plan on just chillin’ this weekend. I’ll just relax and maybe have some friends over. That’s about it!
Meanwhile, how have u guys been? Hope your year is already fruitful and fabulous!
Anyways, this is Weekend Luv – The Kolomental Edition

I love to introduce some new blogs every week.
There are soooo many blogs by people of Nigerian origin popping up. These blogs have various themes from fashion to sex to personal issues. I think its great because people get a chance to express themselves and their passions. From reading all these blogs, what strikes me is how diverse we are yet how similar many of our hopes, dreams and challenges are. Lol…or am I going off on a tangent. Anyways – here are some hot new blogs.

Bluntremi’s Blog
This woman has my dream job! As well as her day job, Bluntremi is a professional shopper! How about that! Anyways, she is also a wife and mother. Check out her blog.

Jola Naibi’s Blog
I just like Jola’s blog! I can totally relate to her struggles with her hair etc…Check on it!

Ariztos Magazine Blog
I am really LUVING this blog. It’s really a cultural experience with varied subjects. Check it out!

What’s Up
Nigerian model, Ifeoma Jones participated in the Ford Supermodel of the World competeition.
She didn’t win but she made an impression! Here are some of here youtube videos. HERE and HERE.
She just cracks me up!
Very bubbly and pretty girl.

Mona is sick and tired of the M-Word. I feel u girl! – HERE

Ummm…Taurean Minx and Boorish Male…what the deal? – read the comment exchange HERE
Sample –
Boorish Male: @Taurenminx:My dearest, i have planned a romantic dinner by candle light, where we will stare into each others eyes, consume copious amounts of isi-ewu, washed down with kai-kai whilst being serenaded by my local ogene band. The venue? my favorite pepper soup joint. I have plans to wake you up to a sumptious breakfast consisting of fresh akara and sweet pap in bed the next morning……..Interested?
Taurean Minx: @Mr Boor, odikwa romantic gaaannn. Please give me the directions so I can tell the Okada man because I know it will be in a secluded place where cars cannot pass or will you come and get me? I will be staying at the shack in oworonshoki, just turn off the expressway after the 5th Nepa pole.

LOL…That’s Hot!

Ms. Minx attended ‘The Future Awards’. Check out her pics – HERE. I love her Peridot & Ruby outfit!~

BabaAlaye‘s got it BAD for a fellow blogger! I totally know who it is! lolz
Sample –
TO YOU -You’ve been in my head for way too long. Please get out of my head. You’re not real. You’re just a couple of words intricately woven together on Blogger. I can’t get you outta my dreams. I have a picture of you in my mind and it’s so real, it’s out of this world. I imagine something about you, then the next time i’m on your Blog you say the exact same thing about yourself that i imagined the night before. Deja vu? Hennesy? prophecy? or am i plain nuts?
…For the rest. Click HERE

The Hits
Freestyle featuring Blaise – Bragging Rights
Freestyle formerly of the group, Trybesmen released his solo album some months ago to critical acclaim and commercial success. People were kinda taken by surprise because they didn’t expect him to unleash something that hot! This is the song that spurred on Eldee to release a diss track some months ago. In the song, Freestyle states that he wrote 90% of the Trybesmen’s hooks…
Anyways, I really luv the song + rapper Blaise is HOT! My brother always argues that she is the best naij female MC. Judge for yourself and make sure u buy his Album – Free at Last.

Resonance – Chinwe Ike
I featured the video for this song a couple of months ago. Here is the audio…It’s a really nice inspiring song. Even if you don’t understand Igbo which I’m sure most of u don’t. U r still bound to enjoy. Anyways, here is a link to the English translation of the lyrics. The Resonance CD and VCD are both very hot. Make sure u cop it!

FaZe – Kolomental
Dejavu? Yeah, I uploaded this song last week but I realized it wasn’t the complete version so here is the full and complete version of this HOT & BLAZING jam. If you downloaded it last week, download it again for the real deal.
Y’all need to get FaZe album…dude is just too talented

Random Question of the Week:
What makes you sexy?

Let us know what makes U sexy!

That’s it!
I blogged Monday to Friday this week! Yay…lol I’m sooo happy, I thought I had lost my blogging mojo for a minute.
I have some exciting things in the works and it relates to other bloggers! Hmmm, u’ll have to wait to find out!
Hola at me @ bellanaija at

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