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Hey Everyone!!!!!!!
I am sooooo sorry for my absence. I hope y’all had not completely given up hope and abandoned my blog lol. I really appreciate your patience!
Being the ‘blonde’ that I am, I forgot my laptop charger and phone charger so it was almost impossible to blog or do anything else for that matter.
Anyways, I just got back last night and I’m back to blogging!
Wow! My trip was amazing! I had a really fab time…..I was really busy and running around the place but it worked out in the end. It was just the perfect blend of fun, work and relaxation…
Kisses to my new ‘international’ friend hahah…he knows who he is.
Anyways, maybe I’ll give more details from my trip later but lets get back in the swing of things first!
Tina Atiemo is a Ghanian designer based in the UK. I first heard about her in December when she was featured in the UN CatWalk the World – Fashion For Food show in Accra, Ghana.
Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of her work. Tina is not just a clothing designer but also a card maker. She makes unique handmade cards with an African twist. Check out some of Tina’s work below. I love how she used a full-figured model (Tieko) in her ads. Luv her and Luv the clothes!


The Designer

Tina is such a sweetheart plus she’s really talented so I really appreciate her work. Please let us know what you think! To visit her website, click HERE

Back to my current obsession – Idols West Africa! Woooot…I missed so much while I was away. I am sure hardcore fans like me have already seen these but for those who havent, here are some more interesting tidbits from this week’s episodes.

Luv It!
image hosted by ImageVenue.comTimi – Top 24 – See Profile
image hosted by ImageVenue.comJerrilyn (her story is just amazing) – Made it to Top 24 – See Profile
image hosted by ImageVenue.comIbitoru – Top 24 (LMAO this babe is a trip) – See Profile
image hosted by ImageVenue.comAma – Top 24 – See Profile
image hosted by ImageVenue.comJarry – Top 24 – See Profile
Absolutely Awful!
Herbert and Co. – truly awful
Ernest – huh he was ok…y did he go through?
Ramzy – ok but not idol material really

Its Murda!!!

Chinwe – Speechless! The outfit, the singing, the dancing…wow!
Udosen – hahahahahaha
2 Singers
Nameless – huh?
The Top 24 contestants have been chosen.
Here are some of my other favs –
You can see them all on the Idols West Africa website – HERE
That’s it! Please show some luv by leaving your comments….U know I missed u guys….
Let us know what you think about Tina’s clothes and cards plus who is your fav Idols WA finalist? Let us know!!!
Have a blessed day and see ya tomorrow.

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